Fine Line Tattoos & Other Tattoo Ideas for Women

There are hundreds of tattoo ideas for women. Finding the one you like can be tricky if you don’t know where to start – especially if it’s your first one.

More often than not, we get messages from people that really want to get a tattoo, but they are not sure about the design, the style nor the placement.

In this post we will show you some of the most popular tattoo ideas for women. We will focus on tattoo ideas for women only, as in our experience women and men tend to prefer different styles/characteristics . Therefore, we’ll cover tattoo ideas for men in another post.

Then, we’ll make a special mention to fine line tattoos for women, as it’s one of the go-to when it comes to tattoos and women.

We hope this collection of tattoo ideas for women will help you find inspiration for your next project!

How Do I Come Up With Tattoo Ideas?


Coming up with tattoo ideas can be a daunting task if you have no clue at all about what to get on your skin. To make life easier for you, we’ve made a list with steps to follow that we hope can help you in the process of getting a tattoo:

1. Find inspiration in social media.

This one might sound obvious, but it really helps if you visualize different designs and styles to get an overview of the options there are – especially if you don’t have much experience. The best platforms to find tattoo ideas for women are probably Pinterest and Instagram, as they are based on pictures exclusively.

2. Pick a style.

Let’s say that you end up liking 10 different tattoos, and 8 of them are fine line tattoos. If that’s the case, we’d recommend you stick to fine line tattoos, as it’s what you be attracted to the most.

3. Find the motif and placement.

Once you have the style decided – fine line tattoo in this case-, go back to step 1, and focus now on the specific design and the placement.

4. Talk to the tattoo artist / studio

Ideally, at this stage you have 1-3 designs you like. Now, we’d recommend you contacting the tattoo artist or the studio, and they can help you making the final decision so you can have that unique piece of art in your skin.


What is a Good First Tattoo for a Girl?


It’s hard to define what makes a good first tattoo for a girl -or a guy-, as it is a very personal choice. However, we’ll give you pieces of advice that might help you get a good first tattoo:

– Start small

Getting a tattoo is a cool experience, no doubt about it.

However, some people think it’s cool at first, and then they regret it. For that reason, we’d recommend you pick a small design as a starter, and if you find yourself comfortable with tattoos and the pain that comes with it, you can go then for bigger tattoos.

– Non visible areas

Similar to the first reason: the chances of regretting a first tattoo are higher. Therefore, we’d recommend getting the first one on a place where it could be easily hidden in case we somehow regret it.

– Least painful areas

You don’t know your pain threshold for tattoos until you get your first one. Therefore, we would definitely recommend you start at a least painful area, and then take it from there.

Check out this post about the most and least painful areas to get tattooed.

Do you need help with your next tattoo? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll get back to you shortly 🙂

Fine Line Tattoos

Fine line tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo ideas for women in recent years. They are often very detailed pieces of art, so cleanly drawn that one might perceive it as a drawing on the skin with an ink pen at first glance.

Fine line tattoos can be of any size, being micro tattoos one of the most popular.

What does fine line tattoo mean?

Fine line tattoos are characterized by crisp fluid lines -straight or curved- that are very thin and there’s no gradations in shade or color. These tattoos can have incredible levels of detail built in, and they are perfect for minimalistic and feminine tattoos.

Popular Fine Line Tattoos for Women


“Underboob” fine line tattoo



 Snake fine line tattoo


Fine line tattoo snake

Fine line tattoo snake underboob


Scorpion fine line tattoo


Fine line tattoo scorpion

Sun /Moon fine line tattoo


Fine line tattoo moon and sun

Fine line tattoo sun and moon

Butterfly fine line tattoo


Fine line tattoo butterfly

Fine line tattoo: flowers


Fine line flower


Fine line tattoo sunflower

Other fine line tattoo ideas for women


Fine line tattoo breast


Fine line native girl

Inspired? Get your next fine line tattoo in our studio:

Iron & Ink Los Angeles Tattoo

Popular Tattoo Ideas for Women

After taking a look at fine line tattoo designs, now we’ll show a list with some of the most popular tattoo ideas for women. We hope you can find inspiration for your next project!


Flower Tattoos


Flower tattoo women

Rose tattoo woman


Flower tattoo woman


Rose tattoo


Tattoo Ideas for Women: Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo tattoo -  portrait

Frida Kahlo tattoo


Lady Bug Tattoo


Lady bug tattoo


Lady bug tattoo 1


Tattoo Ideas for Women: Snakes


Snake tattoo

Snake tattoo 1


Snake tattoo 2

Watercolor Tattoos for Woman

Watercolor tattoo 1


Watercolor tattoo 2


Watercolor tattoo 3


Watercolor tattoo 4


Watercolor tattoo 5


Watercolor tattoo 6


Other Tattoo Ideas for Women


Crow tattoo


Egyptian tattoo 1


Geometric tattoo


Color realism tattoo lemon


Mandala tattoo in red


Minimalistic colour realism cat in a box


Minimalistic colour realism nature tattoo


Minimalistic color realism berries


Pinky swear tattoo


Realism tiger tattoo


Traditional butterfly tattoo


Ying Yang Fish Tattoo


Getting a tattoo is a unique experience, especially if it’s your first one.  However, with so many options to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick the perfect one for you.

We hope this guide made that process a bit easier for you. If you need more inspiration, you can follow our Pinterest account, where you can find more than 300 designs and it’s constantly updated. 

Good luck!

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