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IRON & INK is ready to rock LA on Melrose Avenue
Now IRON & INK is expanding its successful Danish tattoo business with a studio at 7365, Melrose Avenue. On October 15, the doors open to a completely redesigned studio in Los Angeles, where customers will meet a strong team of professional tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts from around the world.

IRON & INK was founded in Denmark back in 2010 by Hawaro Juul Petersen. Soon his friend Rasmus Cort Hansen came along as a business-partner, and since then IRON & INK has continuously expanded its business and today has four exclusive studios in some of Denmark’s largest cities. From the beginning, the premise has been never – under any circumstances – to compromise on the quality of the body-art and with the overall customer experience. As a result of this, IRON & INK has succeeded in attracting the best artists from all over the world. With everyone having to live up to the motto of “Only the best is good enough”.

The two contractors Hawaro and Rasmus have great ambitions for the business in Los Angeles. They have been friends and business-partners for many years, and they do not invest in the studio at Melrose, far from the safe environment at home in Denmark, for fun.

“Customers need to be in focus and have top-notch experiences. This is the first amendment of the concept that we have successfully implemented in Denmark and which we will take with us to California. We believe that Los Angeles, one of the most powerful cities in the world, deserves the world’s best tattoo experience, and we are confident, that we can offer that, ”says Hawaro Juul Petersen, who has been setting up the studio for the past few months. Without compromising on anything at the premises.

“We have worked hard to finish, and we are very pleased with the result. It has to be State-of-the-Art for both customers and employees, and we have succesfully completed that task,” Hawaro says.

At IRON & INK everything goes according to high Scandinavian standards. The affiliated artists complement each other to offer tattoos of all styles, and of course using only the best possible products on the market, always sterile equipment and the highest quality ink.

“At IRON & INK, we do not compromise the health of our customers,” Hawaro points out.

IRON & INK is a successful Danish entrepreneurship adventure. With lots of bumps on the road and many hours of hard work. And it is far from over, because even though the opening of the studio in Los Angeles is the preliminary culmination of the adventure, the couple Juul Petersen and Hansen have ambitions for more.
“I got into this industry ten years ago – and figured that there was a lot to be changed and improved. With my team we’ve build our own recipe of the best way of running, managing and organizing professional studios, where artists can grow, clients can have good experiences and everything can run smoothly. It’s fair to say we have succeeded with this mission, establishing Iron & Ink as a top Scandinavian brand. Now we focus on making an impact in the United States”, says Hawaro.
The IRON & INK studio on 7365, Melrose Avenue is now open. You can read more about the studio – and find your way to your first or next tattoo here: