What does a tattoo cost?

At our studio, we’ll price estimate the tattoo session depending on the project and not just the time it takes. Besides the hours spent in the studio, the artists will need time for preparation and research.
It can be difficult to give a price on a tattoo idea if we don’t know all the details. Size and intricacy is a deciding factor. A big tattoo with a lot of details will often equal a higher price. Therefore, make sure you include all the details when you submit your idea, such as size, placement and tattoo style. You should ideally be able to send reference pictures or illustrations.
And remember, it’s okay to say no to a tattoo, if the price range doesn’t suit you. It doesn’t cost you anything to ask and collect information, so you’ll be ready for a future piece.

Why can’t you give me an exact price?

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What’s the minimum for a tattoo?

Our shop minimum is $200. This is the start price per person, since each client would need their own sanitized and disposable setup.

I’ve seen this tattoo online, can you tattoo that?

No, we can’t copy another artist’s design, but we can create a unique piece for you where we, to a certain extent, draw inspiration and elements from the reference picture.

Can you make a customized design?

Yes, we would love to! We love making custom art, uniquely for you. That’s what we strive for. We’ll take all the inspiration you have found, so we will fully understand your wishes, so it’s important you have an idea of what you’re looking for, such as what motive or theme. Meaning, would this be a koi fish, lettering, Greek mythology, color, black and gray etc.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

For us to reserve a spot and for the artist to start preparing your design, we take a non refundable reservation fee of either $200 or $400 which will go towards the tattoo payment. You’ll pay the remaining balance when you come in for the tattoo session.
You can read more about our Deposit policy here:

When will I see my design?

In most cases you’ll see the design the day you’re coming in to get tattooed. Many of our artists prepare ahead of time. Corrections and final adjustments can be implemented on the day together with your artist. The reason for that is that the communication can be handled face-to-face and we can be sure that art created in our studio will be tattooed in our studio.

What if I don’t like the design?

It’s very rare that the design you and the artist have come up with together doesn’t fit your taste. If it does happen, you would only be charged the preparation and time reservation, which will be covered by the deposit you have put down. 

How do I pick the right artist?

We would love to help you by finding the perfect match for your project. That’s our job! Although, it does help a lot if you do research and already know what artists are at what studios. Who inspires you? Each artist has, more or less, their own style also while working within the same genre.
We will still give advice and guidance whether the artist you have in mind is the most fit for the tattoo that you’re looking for. We work with the artists every day, and know their strong suits.

I would like a tattoo, but don’t know what yet?

Do you need inspiration? If so, we recommend you to look at our Instagram, TikTok and facebook etc. You can find a lot of ideas and get the mind going just from browsing the internet.
Ask yourself this question: Is this tattoo gonna mean something specific, or are you just intrigued by tattoo art and have a specific artist you would give some creative freedom to?
Either way, the options are never ending.

What is a session?

For big projects, for example a full art sleeve, leg sleeve or back, the artist will have a full day reserved, just for you. That’s what we call a session. The length of the day is not the deciding factor for the price. We wish to focus on the craft itself, rather than the time.

What does a session cost?

A day session is typically $1500-2500 depending on what artist the session is with.

How long will it take?

Be patient – we don’t put time on art. We are all individuals and work differently. It will therefore vary how long a design will take and it can be hard to fully plan a tattoo. The skin can be tough to work on, people can start feeling bad, design can be changed in terms of idea, placement and size. In such situations you may need to wait longer than expected.

What should I bring for my appointment?

ID that shows you’re at least 18 years of age.
Make sure to get a good night of sleep and eat breakfast before your appointment. It’s tiring for the body to get a new tattoo. You can bring candy, soda or lunch. We have a fridge that you can put lunch in, and we’re placed on Melrose around a lot of cafes and restaurants.
It’s a good idea to bring a phone charger and headset for your phone/tablet. We’ll take care of the hygiene in the studio and for staff, but we expect that you come in clean for your appointment. As for clothing we recommend loose and practical clothes, such as bringing shorts if you’re getting a leg tattoo or a dress/shirt that you can open or push to the side for a rib tattoo. Remember to bring originale reference pictures (digitally is fine), just in case this will be needed for the artist on the day.

What are aftercare instructions for a new tattoo?

Follow our link here for aftercare instructions:

What’s the opening hours?

We’re open Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm, for bookings and walk-ins.
In some cases a booking can be made on a Monday or Tuesday and then payment will be made ahead of time, unless anything else is agreed upon.
Some tattoo sessions will go past 6pm, and then payment will just be handled at 6pm when reception closes and the artist and client will continue their session until finished.

Are you open on holidays?

If the Holiday falls Wednesday-Sunday we are usually open, but we are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years evening/day.
Text or call for more information about specific days.

Do you take walk-ins or do I need a booking?

We recommend that you book ahead of time for your project or consultation, so the artist has time to prepare, as well as you can make sure that the perfect artist match is in on the day and available for you.
When that’s said, you’re more than welcome to stop by as a walk in, and we can check availability for the day and hopefully still get you in and tattooed with a great fitting artist.

How long is the wait for an appointment?

This really depends on what you’re looking to get and with who. We can be more flexible if you’re not requesting a specific artist.
Some projects can be done the same week as you reach out, other projects could have a couple months wait time.
Contact us to hear more. 

Is it dangerous to get tattooed?

No, it is not dangerous, but there is a small risk for infection in and around the tattoo within the first couple days. Most infections happen when the area has not been handled with the right aftercare. To prevent this, make sure you follow our aftercare instructions well.

Does it hurt?

For a bigger tattoo, yes, it does hurt. How much will vary from person to person. A lot of people compare the feeling to a scratch, where others (mainly when getting smaller tattoos) say it’s more like a tickling sensation.
It is very rare that a person can’t finish a session because of pain.
If you want a tattoo, you should be willing to sit through a session, and we promise it’ll be worth it.

Can I be allergic to your ink?

Allergic reactions are very rare, but can happen. This depends on the person, and if you’re already allergic to other things, the risk of being allergic to the ink could be a bit higher. If you have allergies, you should consult with your doctor before getting a tattoo for the ultimate safety.
Our ink is quality brands and most of the brands are vegan.

My tattoo needs a touch up, what do I do?

A touch up is only needed in some cases. If you think your tattoo needs a touch up, then you can reach out to us with a picture of the healed tattoo. This should happen 1-6 months after getting your tattoo, so it’s fully healed, but still fairly new.

Is a touch up included in the price?

Yes, if we judge that your tattoo has had the right aftercare, but still would need a touch up, then one touch up will be included for the first 6 months after getting your tattoo.
*We don’t give free touch ups on hands, since these tattoos often tend to fade and not have an ideal healing process due to the constant exposure to sun.

I’m sick/need to cancel, will I get my deposit back?

No, the deposit is non refundable. If you think you have any questions or concerns, please contact the studio directly.

Can I get a tattoo if I’m under 18?

No, in the state of California it is illegal to tattoo anyone younger than 18 even with parental consent.

Do you do piercings?

No, we do not do piercings.

What payment methods do you take?

We take credit cards, debit cards, cash and Venmo.
Deposit will be taken on Venmo to the shop or if you have been communicating on Tattoodo, we can request the deposit there.

Emergency cancellation, what do I do?

Do you need to cancel with very short notice and is it out of our opening hours?
Reach out to the shop on text (747)389-3454