Deposit policy

Deposit, Cancellation and rescheduling policy
A reservation fee/deposit is required when scheduling a tattoo appointment with one of our artists and the artist does not draw up designs without a deposit paid.  The deposit amount varies depending on the tattoo project, but will usually be the first $200, $400 or $800 of the tattoo payment. Remaining balance will have to be paid before or on the appointment date by card (debit or credit) or cash. When a deposit is made, you have reserved a specific day/time with a specific artist.


If you for any reason cancel your appointment the deposit/reservation fee put down will be non refundable, and can not be credited. The deposit will compensate staff and artists for preparation. We wish for your understanding.

Are you looking to reschedule your appointment, we would need to be notified more than 2 weeks prior to your appointment. If you reach out with less than 2 weeks until your appointment it will be handled as a cancellation, and a new deposit/reservation fee will be needed.
When notified in time you can reschedule your appointment 1 time.
*If you’re booked with a guest artist and their guest spot is full or your schedule doesn’t match theirs, you will be able to move the appointment and hereby the deposit to another artist (when notified more than 2 weeks prior to appointment). Be aware, time/price quote may change if changing artist.