Welcome to Iron & Ink in Copenhagen.

Between the Sjælør and Ny Ellebjerg stations, a little withdrawn from the noise of the big city, you will find a 700 square meter creative playground on the first floor of the old sock factory.

The large reception area welcomes you and we are always ready with a cup of coffee, good advice, guidance and answers to any questions you may have. The tables are filled with fresh fruit – and invites you to a consultation or dialogue about your next project.

As you enter the studio you are surrounded by raw bricks and by the New York walls, that have become a hallmark of our unique décor. Although the ceilings are high in the old sock factory, the acoustics are excellent, and it is hardly noticeable, when 22 stations are put into use on a busy day in the studio.

The 22 stations are occupied by talented and dedicated artists, each of whom specializing in 2-3 genres.


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